Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angels with Attitude

"Angel with Sole" perches on a garden faucet base, her body is an old wooden shoe form, and mismatched silverware form hooks and hands to hold your jewelry collection. Even her wiry locks are capable of storing dangle earrings. Of course, she's an intriguing sculpture even without adornment.

Stacy Simbrom's line, Angels with Attitude, exude feminine energy while defying any notion of flimsy, filmy womanhood. Natural materials - recycled, reclaimed, repurposed, or merely found - are combined in unexpected ways to bring out their best qualities while creating something entirely new. Stacy is self-taught in design, sculpture and woodcarving, and has been a professional artist for fifteen years. A resident of Long Island, we discovered her at a craft show in Philadelphia and were charmed by her serious, patinaed angels. The line includes boxes and mirrors as well, many featuring the face of the artist, reminiscent of faces in paintings by Modigliani.

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