Saturday, March 20, 2010

Passionate About Pollination

Come meet Denise Shreeve and learn how to attract beneficial native bees to your garden. These non-stinging varieties are extremely efficient pollinators, which will increase the quantities of flowers and fruits that you can produce in your yard.

Denise's interest in bees began as a quest for better yield in her garden. Through education and extensive research she has come to be something of an expert on native bees, and in the process she designed houses to attract and protect them in home gardens. Her complete kits are comprised of a handmade house, dormant bee cocoons & extra nesting straws for next year, all priced specially for this event. In addition, Denise will bring large ornamental bee houses made from recycled architectural antiques that make for dramatic focal points in the landscape.

This local gardener is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic advocate for native bee and plant species.

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