Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

pencil sharpener disguised
as angry mall shopper
...and crowded and chaotic inside the malls and big box stores. Our customers always tell us how relieved they are to enter our civilized and friendly realm. We have selected a variety of small-ish merchandise for our new "Stuff-it!" wall, things that will fit into Christmas stockings, tie onto packages, or serve as Hanukkah gifts. Whimsy will guide our choices and, as usual, the display will change often! We hope to see you soon, far from the huddled masses...and yes, we have gingersnaps, so please don't try to eat the scented pencils.

matching iPhone and lipstick cases,
purse hanger, ring, and lots more
newspaper pencils
infused with holiday scents 

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