Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inspired Ideas

New in the Table Topics line: Idea Cards
Known for their themed conversation starter sets, Table Topics has added action to mere talk. 
Get your family off the TV/internet/phone/video game habit in favor of imaginative and constructive activities. 

Thanksgiving is coming up soon and a box of tricks like the "Mom, I'm Bored!" idea cards will keep the kids occupied while you whip up a turkey dinner. Pick from 80 activities, all requiring only the simplest of materials and little or no parental involvement.

Kids 6 and up can occupy themselves with activities like:
  • Who inspires you? Write them a letter and tell them why. Ask your
    folks to help you find the person’s address and mail it.
  • How many different vegetables can you list in 10 minutes?
  • Create a "secret society" of friends that secretly does nice things for
    people.  Create a top secret list of "victims" and fun ideas of nice things
    to do for them.
  • Pick random names from the phonebook. Write a story using these

"Family Time" edition is for the whole family, including hard-to-please teens.

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