Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lavender Sunset

Lavender Sunset is a wonderfully evocative name for this glaze.
Rendered in stoneware, this pottery is durable and oven-microwave-dishwasher safe.
in the words of the artist:
I love the rich and ancient history of pottery and am inspired by the 
connection I feel to the earth while working with clay. My goal is to combine 
traditional, functional shapes with vibrant glazes, to create pottery 
that is both useful and beautiful. 
Raised on a small farm in the rainy Pacific Northwest, I spent a great 
deal of time playing in the mud. However, it wasn’t until I was an undergrad 
at Western Washington University that I discovered the potters’ wheel 
and that I could make practical things with clay. 
I started my first pottery business in my parents’ barn in 1999, and began 
making a living as a potter while finishing my degree in ceramics. 
With 11 years of experience as a studio potter, I’m happy to now be working 
with my wife, Natalie. Together we make awesome pottery!

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