Monday, February 6, 2012

New Native Bee Houses

Beautifully constructed native bee houses feature mahogany roofs over eucalyptus walls and floors. Lovely to view in the garden, and the ideal environment to encourage native, non-stinging, super-pollinator bees! Locally made from sustainably harvested woods in gable and slant roof styles. $60
Every feature of the Plan Bee House is specially designed to promote lots of healthy bees and to make your beekeeping experience easy, including:
  • a design that replicates the bee’s ideal nesting site - a dark hole in a tree
  • inner nesting straws that are easy and inexpensive to replace, and that help keep the holes mold and parasite free
  • a 5/16" hole diameter that results in large, healthy bees
  • a 6" hole depth to assure the best male to female ratio
  • heavy cardboard outer protector tubes that hold the nesting straws, and keep bees safe from parasitic wasps and other intruders
  • a hollow nest box that facilitates access and air circulation, and provides tube storage
  • constructed of low-maintenance, sustainable, rot-resistant hardwoods
  • 2" roof overhangs to help keep out wind and rain
  • pre-drilled hanging holes for quick, secure mounting.

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