Monday, August 13, 2012

Blog Bargain August 13 - 19

30% OFF toiletries*

Including these fabulous finds from
(handmade in California):

Shower Burst
When taking a bath isn't an option -- these 100% natural shower bursts transform your ordinary shower into an aromatherapy experience!

Shampoo Bars
Until the 1950s almost all shampoo was in bar form. With current travel restrictions and the conveniences dictated by today's lifestyle, solid shampoo just makes sense. Contains no parabens or sulfates.

Chill Pills
The world's most incredible, moisturizing, water-softening, scent-making, fun fizz for your bath. Three cocktail-inspired scents and will soothe your stresses as much as the real thing.

* At this great discount, we cannot accept refunds, returns, or exchanges. Nor can we offer boxes or gift wrapping services.

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