The Artisans was founded in 1990 by artists looking for a place to sell their craft. Owners Shannon Denny and Judy Harkins began with a tiny shop located at the corner of Old Dominion Drive and Beverly Road.

As Business grew Shannon and Judy decided to acquire a larger space for their business. The Artisans moved into its current location in Langley Shopping Center. As customers continued to frequent the unique shop the business was able to grow in size, staff and selection. The Artisans currently carries a wide variety of gift items including socks, scarves, pottery, jewelry, clothes, toiletries and everything in between. While we carry a variety of gifts made all around the world, our main focus continues to be U.S. and locally made crafts. For over 25 years we have been able to provide local artists with a place to sell their creations and members of the community a place to shop for one of a kind items that are truly unique.

Owner, Judy Harkins working on renovating the store's new location
Shannon and Judy and The Artisans original location in 1990
Today The Artisans focusses on supporting, selling and promoting local and US based Artisans as well as a wide variety of imported goodies. From handmade notebooks, jewelry crafter by our own employees to funky socks and Bagallini bags we continuously rotate our stock to find the best, products that our customers love!

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