Savory and sweet culinary preserves, developed by a chef with decades of experience, to pair with every course of a meal. Unexpected herbs blend with fruits to yield complex, well balanced flavors.

The Delaware Valley Volunteer Firehouse had surplus space, which was tranformed into a full production jam facility in exchange for a percentage of wholesale sales. That's a creative, community-minded win-win! 

  • 100% certified organic cane sugar and lemon
  • Small batch made in Pennsylvania


Savory boxed trio of 2.5oz jars: Seedless Blackberry Rosemary, Orange Saffron Cardamom, Flamin' Raspberry Preserve.

Sweet boxed trio of 2.5oz jars: Blueberry Cardamom, Tipsy Peach, Strawberry Lavender Lemon Zest

Yum! Jam Trios